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Dr Matt Webb

Department of one's and Climate Change

18th September 2012

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2050 Pathways Research in the UK

The way you used 2050 Pathways Examination in Plan Domestic Diamond and International Collaboration

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We initially published the 2050 Calculator in July 2010. It provides a platform intended for an ‘energy literate debate'


We now have since created different formats of the Calculator - appropriate for different viewers 2050 Analysis



• Educational tool • and first engagement to get members of the public

Net Tool

• Technical expert stakeholders • and well-informed public

Stand out Spreadsheet

• Technical experienced stakeholders • and policy-makers




The Calculator enables you to pick your own 2050 Pathway and compare it with these from others  20+ 000 people submitted all their preferred My2050 worlds to DECC  My2050 has received over 95 000 one of a kind users (Average engagement period is 15 minutes).  Next to the 2050 Paths from HMG, Pathways by different organisations are posted on the webtool, such as: to Friends from the Earth u Campaign to Protect Rural England o National Grid um Atkins to Journalists  DECC Blog discussion between experts and the public  Stand out spreadsheet utilized in several academics and research to test different assumptions 5

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2050 Pathways Research in the UK

The way we used 2050 Pathways Examination in Coverage Domestic Diamond and International Collaboration


Climate Modify Act 08 sets out a legal construction for emissions reductions in the UK

 Focused targets to lessen emissions

 Legally capturing carbon finances and 2050 target  A clear liability framework MRV / CHAOS COMPUTER CLUB reports to Parliament

The Climate Change Act activated a long term low carbon approach; culminating inside the Carbon Plan (December 2011) Before DECC Government's way was fragmented and didn't sufficiently understand the interdependencies between environment change and energy coverage December 2010: Cancun

Dec 2011: Durban

November 2009: Copenhagen

2008: Climate Alter Act released legally holding carbon finances and seek to reduce exhausts by 80 percent by 2050

July 2009: Low Co2 Transition Plan; October first, 2nd and 3rd 08: Carbon Budgets set DECC created

May 2010: General election PM announces objective to be ‘Greenest Government ever'

December 2011: 2011: Co2 Plan; Green Deal fourth Carbon declared; Budget collection; 2050 Options contracts Reform or published electric power generation market

DECC's approach works to head off two risks:

• Catastrophic weather change

• Failure of secure, secure and affordable energy materials for the UK 8

Carbon Budgets ensure that the UK will reduce emissions by 34% by 2020 and 50 percent by Carbon dioxide Budget 5


Making use of the 2050 Calculator, HMG published four ‘2050 Futures' in the Carbon Plan


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2050 Pathways Analysis in the united kingdom

How we used 2050 Path ways Analysis in Policy Household Engagement and International Cooperation


Domestically we are looking at refining the Pathways examination and using it for general public engagement

Improving the 2050 Calculator: • Recently included costs and air quality into Calculator • Historical data will be printed soon • Plans to include water and biodiversity Stretching the outreach: • My2050 simulation presented to educational institutions and schools and open public opinion testing • The My2050 colleges toolkit launched in 12 , 2011. This can help students check out individual, community and countrywide changes required to tackle weather change; • 2050 Photo competition with National Geographic for Kids


Internationally our company is looking at outreach opportunities

Promoting other locations and countries in taking on the 2050 Calculator strategy • The 2050 Calculator can be easily adapted for proper use by various other countries. This approach is already getting momentum and we hope to see more countries joining this...


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