Cindy Maldonado

January twenty one, 2015

Develop Goals

EDA 577

Grand Canyon College or university

Develop Goals

As the course of weeks of preparing have interpose realizing a campus improvement plan can be an essential item for any growth of a learning environment. Changing our procedures, teaching practices and pupil learning is vital to notice help to make our plan of action become successful. We should not forget the truth that our plan of action is connected with the eye-sight and objective set up by the administration group for the campus. Following this will be a graph as a draft of a school improvement strategy based on the data acquired via Del Alcazaba Elementary. It provides a summary of the feedback and goals collection by my personal principal coach and several different stakeholders in the campus. Through positive collaboration, teamwork by all stakeholders and the right support the master plan can be integrated in a successful manner for continuous improvement. Strategies

Set up lessons and assessments based on the TEKS analyzed for each level level. Meet readiness and supporting criteria set up for the TEA formula to meet each week assessments given in class. Provide training for instructors based on guidelines and test out taking ways to be used by students. Goals:

(See Figure 1 ) 1)

The results in the 2014 STAAR test demonstrates a need pertaining to improvement in 4th level writing, 3rd grade reading and mathematics, and 5th grade reading and math subjects. Methods: Journeys Examining Program (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), Empowering Copy writers (J. Mariconda), Pearson Visualize, Campus Reading Coach, Grounds Dean of Instruction, STAAR Workbooks (varies by quality level) Target Barriers: In 2014 the 4th level percentage for the publishing STAAR test out was at 47 percent getting together with standard, this will likely need to increase to per cent. For 3 rd grade examining it was by 37%, it'll need to increase to 50%. third grade mathematics was at 41%, it will need to enhance to fifty percent. For fifth grade studying it...


This is a four page essay for the interwar period between WWI and WWII, and the Western advancements in warfare at that point in history.

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