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Teen being pregnant is a main health concern in the American school system. According to the National Center for Health Stats, the labor and birth rate between female children increased 3 percent in the year 2006, following decades of decline (Hamilton, Martin, & Ventura, 2007). The prevalence of young pregnancy in United States is definitely higher than almost all other industrialized Western countries, with 39. 1 births per a thousand teens last year (Pazol, Warner, Gavin, Gallaghan, Spitz, Anderson, & Koennte, 2011). This is certainly worrisome towards the American society because teenage births will be associated with poor behavioral, educational, and fiscal outcomes for the teens and the children afflicted with adolescent pregnant state (National Marketing campaign to Prevent Teenager Pregnancy, 2005). These teenage pregnancies derive from inconsistent birth control use, an absence of knowledge about correct sexual well being practices, and ambivalence toward pregnancy (Santelli & Melnikas, 2010). Because of the high labor and birth rate and frequency fluctuations in teenage pregnancy, plan makers must renew their particular focus on modifying the intimate health education courses in the public large schools nationwide to better suit student requirements. A variety of prevention initiatives are implemented on the yearly basis, with various effectiveness. As a result, further exploration into teenage perceptions of teen pregnancy must be performed to better facilitate effective educational programs in the school setting. Comprehensive Literary works Review

Hopeful Bias

Students expressed a great " hopeful bias” in various studies. " Optimistic bias” is defined as the perception that students are much less likely than others to have negative effects from their health behaviors (Chapin, 2001). Within a study of 28 teenage African American father and mother, many accepted to past attitudes concerning a decreased estimation of private risk (Smith, 2004). This kind of bias contributed to inconsistent contraceptive use in this kind of teenage...


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