Dreams and Actuality

Dreams…do you could have any? Of Coarse you are doing; everyone truly does. Everyone has

dreams and private desires that they can would would like to fulfill. Dreams provide us with

something to look ahead to in life and in addition they even occasionally comfort all of us: but these may

often be deceptive in reality. Dreams could be as part of your grasp a minute or so but ewriti9ng

away and destroy the next. This is certainly portrayed in the novel Of Mice and Men by simply John

Steinbeck, the play Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and the motion picture Cop Property

aimed by Adam Mangold.

Broken dreams could lead to broken hearts. In the novel Of Mice and Men

by David Steinbeck, many examples of this statement happen to be depicted through out the new.

Two companions, George Milton and Lennie Small , and have a dream of owning a small

piece of land and a house…a place that they can call home. This kind of small basic dream

means everything to them. Candies, their co-worker, also joins them and the dream to

have their own home one day. They will work hard as barley buckers to make money for their

dream. Lennie, despite obtaining the size and brawn of three men, has the attitude of a

Child. His naïve strength leads him to the homicide of his boss's promiscuous wife (who

likewise had aiming dreams of getting an actor). George can now be faced with the dilemma to

get rid of Lennie ahead of other guys brutally slaughter Lennie. One could only envision how

much that shattered George. The fantasy that George, Lennie and Candy shared was great

and simple, but it made them move away from the reality in order to accomplish an empty component

of life they will felt and one blunder lead to broken dreams along with shattered hearts.

Shattered hearts relates to an additional case of drifting far from reality. Romeo and

Juliet: Shakespeare's famous perform about two lovers whose dreams about being collectively

happen to be broken since they drifted away from the actuality that they could never become together in

the first place. In this enjoy, Romeo and Juliet perform two enthusiasts who are condemned to get

with each other because their own families are at warfare. Despite this, they still continue their ill-fated

affair and want to settle together one day. Juliet's happiness depends on Romeo and Romeo's

happiness relies on Juliet. They comfort one another with the considered one day staying

committed and getting old together as they continue to be lovers. This all comes to a brutal

destruction when ever Romeo is convinced that Juliet is useless and he commits committing suicide. In reality,

Juliet was only under the influence of a toxic she acquired taken in so that it will avoid a marriage

her father got demanded and arranged on her. Juliet awoke to Romeo's dead body and

in that case she determined suicide as well. Romeo and Juliet genuinely did love each other however

ill-starred love had no odds of working out from the beginning. Romeo and Juliet

counted on something hopeless to solace their very own dream of some day being together and due to

this kind of, their take pleasure in and lives came to an end. All their stimulation faraway from reality acquired it's


Talking about shredded dreams, in the video Cop Land directed by James Mangold,

a personality named Freddy Heflin is another character that could relate to the topic.

Nobody ever said that choosing involving the morals and dreams could possibly be easy…

but sometimes your honnete could be proven to be worth more. Freddy performs an the aging process

sheriff with created dreams confronted with a moral dilemma he doesn't discover how to solve.

Freddy planned to be in the NYPD although his reading disorder crippled that decision. Policeman Land is a film with regards to a small town that dodgy New York City police have made their very own

dreamland. In many ways Freddy idolizes these types of big time Ny cops yet at the same time

he is aware of the wrong items they do, which will he will not agree with. Freddy progresses

as film production company continues and he develops a sudden inspiration to do the best thing...


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