The vibrating feeder, also known as sto? feeder, is used to transfer the large size materials and granular materials from hopper to receiving device consistently, periodically and continuously in the production flow. It could feed supplies into the crusher continuously and uniformly and may also display screen the components at the same time in the stone development line. The vibrating feeder is traditionally used to match the crushing and sieving equipments in many sectors including metallurgy, coal mine, mineral shower, building material, chemical, running, etc . Working principle:

The vibrating feeder can make the sieve inner compartment, vibrators and other moving parts do the spherical or similar round maneuver by the centrifugal force made by the rotation of odd block. The vibrating feeder is composed of feeding trough, exciter, spring bearing, transmission equipment, etc . The exciter is composed of two eccentric shaft (main, passive) and gear. The jogged gears generate the heurt while the two eccentric shafts are then simply forced to rotate by electric motor, through the triangulado belt. When power comes, the two eccentric shafts start off rotating to generate leaner big power which will forces the feeder to vibrate. Through the vibration, the materials is going to slip and sling on the display moving forward. Doing work principle of GZD type vibrating feeder:

GZD type vibrating feeder consists of moving frame, engine, spring, bearing and wear-resisting lining board, etc . due to the start of motor, the frame is forced to vibrate around the supporting planting season, which will drive the elements sliding or perhaps throwing inside the trough to offer the purpose of nourishing. Working theory of ZSW type vibrating feeder:

ZSW type moving feeder is composed of vibrating framework, spring, sex toy, electrical vibrating grid, motor, etc . The exciter consists of two unconventional shaft and kit. The jogged gears produce the vibration while the two eccentric shafts are then simply forced to rotate by motor. Once power is...


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