п»ї1. How do information systems and technology help to achieve the six strategic business objectives stated in the book? Illustrate your answer with an example for every single objective.

Firstly by making use of information systems and technologies, the outcome of successful level of efficiency and production, and better information administration are able to support on obtaining operational superiority. Like prior to online or perhaps phone orders were being placed in a large warehouse which contains uncountable items, but now goods that are tagged with numbers/codes and info are straight placed towards the right pots for transport by equipment. Secondly, IS USUALLY and THAT are sort of tools to get firms to produce new products, providers and organization models. For example , the 56k modem was the most well-known method for applying internet but it really has in that case declined and replaced by simply others like Cable, as betterВ IS and IT had created. Thirdly, suppliers and clients are able to get closer by using CAN BE and IT, they also support on improving problem solvingВ capabilitiesВ andВ realizing of consumer needs. Social networking helps businesses on buyers and suppliers intimacy, they could create on-line spaces to encourage clients to give opinions and reply on activities/events held and their products. Fourthly, managers no more make important decisions simply by relying on guesses or luck since IS and Completely developed. Real-time information supplies those reliable data in order to organize, control and make a decision immediately. Companies are able to collect latest info more frequently and make decisions by setting up a network which usually links one example is a central database to retail outlets. To get competitive benefits, IS and IT help companies to invent new releases to battle with competitors, to find useful data and they also present reliable and security to be able to ensure the stable of the business. Organization could take actions like setting up a new product range that might in a position to gain back the market share to...


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