Semester 2 Research Project:

Final DBQ About the Literary Responses to Universe War you from 1914 to 1928

Historical Circumstance:

Globe War you (1914-1918) was a war that was inevitable, but almost entirely undervalued. As the war pulled on intended for four years and millions of lives were expended in the name of victory, a large number of were greatly impacted broadly, mainly Europeans and Americans. In what was known as the misplaced generation, a large number of poets and writers designed new varieties of literature in response to the disastrous consequences of the war.

DBQ Prompt: Identify and analyze the different European and American fictional responses to World Battle 1 developed during the conflict and in the decade after the end of World War 1 .

Doc #1


Source: Paul Valéry, France poet and critic, " The Problems of the Brain, ” analysis of Western european mind and civilization (1920). -------------------------------------------------


The surprise has died away, and still we are restless, uneasy, as if the surprise were about to break. Nearly all the affairs of guys remain in a terrible uncertainty. We think of what has faded, and we will be almost damaged by what have been destroyed; do not know what will be born, and we fear the future, not with no reason… Uncertainty and disorder are in us and with us. There is absolutely no thinking gentleman, however shrewd or learned he may end up being, who can wish to dominate this anxiety, to escape from, this impression of darkness. -------------------------------------------------

Document #2


Source: Roland Leighton, British gift serving in France, notification to fiancГ© Vera Brittain (1915). -------------------------------------------------


Between this damage of twisted iron and splintered wood and shapeless earth are the fleshless, blackened bones of simple guys who added out all their red, fairly sweet wine of youth unknowing, for nothing more tangible than Honour or their Country's Glory or another's Lust of Electricity. Let him who have thinks that war is actually a glorious glowing thing, who loves to rotate forth mixing words of exhortation, invoking Honour and Praise and Valour and Love of Country. Let him look at just a little pile of sodden off white rags that concentrate in making half a skull and a shine cuboid and what might have been the ribs, or at this skeleton lying upon its area, resting half-crouching as it fell, supported on one arm, ideal but that it must be headless, current tattered clothing still draped around this; and let him realise just how grand and glorious a specific thing it is to include distilled all Youth and Joy and Life in a foetid ton of hideous putrescence. -------------------------------------------------

Document #3


Resource: Ernest Tolstoy, American writer and expatriate, " Direct sunlight Also Goes up, ” expatriate character excursion (1926). -------------------------------------------------


Most likely an expatriate. You've shed touch while using soil. You get precious. Fake Western european standards possess ruined you. You drink yourself to loss of life. You become enthusiastic about sex. You may spend all your time talking, not working. You could be an expatriate, observe? You hang around cafes. -------------------------------------------------

Document #4


Supply: F. Scott Fitzergerald, American writer, " This Aspect of Haven, ” investigates post-war morality with imaginary love storyline (1920).


I simply claim that I'm an item of a functional mind in a restless generation-with every reason to toss my mind and pen within the radicals. Even if, deep in my cardiovascular, I thought i was all blind atoms within a world since limited as being a stroke of the pendulum, I and my sort might struggle against tradition; try, at least, to shift old...


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