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This kind of report can be prepared based on my three-month practical experience at RobiAxiata Limited. This internship program allowed me to to learn about the useful scenario of the Telecommunication Company. RobiAxiata Limited is a energetic and leading countrywide GSM communication option provider. It is just a joint venture organization between Axiata Group Berhad, Malaysia and NTT DOCOMO INC, Japan. RobiAxiata Limited, formerly referred to as Telecom Malaysia International (Bangladesh), commenced their operation in 1997 within the brand name Aktel among the master GSM portable telecommunications service providers in Bangladesh. Later, about 28th Mar 2010 the company started it is new voyage with the manufacturer Robi. This kind of report has become presented depending on my observation and encounter gathered through the company. The business has many categories and departments but this individual focus is given more telling the truth of worker satisfaction in Technical Department as I only got the chance to work in this kind of division.

The report mentions about the facilities and benefits RobiAxiata Limited provides to their staff. A research can be conducted to draw a conclusion within the effects of these kinds of facilities and benefits. The actual result that is identified is quite considerable. However RobiAxiata Limited will need to work a lot to convince and sustain their very own existing workers. The result of the study is described in information in this record in the later chapters. After knowing the situation of RobiAxiata Limited when it comes to their employee satisfaction a whole lot of recommendation came up up. The report likewise consist suggestions and bottom line according to my perspective, which I think would increase the environment from the organization in the event that implemente.


Mobile phone means a device that transmits voice or info, using radio waves to communicate with a radio station antennas positioned within adjoining geographic areas called skin cells. It is a quite typical source of conversation in these days. A lot of people are using cellular phone in the metropolis and the urban areas. Telecommunication associated with satellites. It brings about innovative changes in connection. New A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE (Standard) and ISD (International System pertaining to Dialog) establishments have made connection an immediate process. The earth appears to have got contracted or been squashed into a little room in which, given specific facilities, it will be easy to contact anyone in any part of the community.

Technologies Employed in Mobile Phone:

Based upon the technology mobile is definitely divided into two types-

GSM: GSM is short for " Global System intended for Mobile”. GSM is mostly a Euro system and it is largely untouched in the US. GSM is interesting in that by using a modified and far better version of TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access). GSM is the combination of TDMA and FDMA. GSM keeps the thought of timeslots and frequency programs, but modifies several significant shortcomings

CDMA: CDMA stands for " Code Division Multiple Access” and it is both the most interesting plus the hardest to implement multiplexing method. CDMA has been compared to a party: When everybody talks simultaneously, no one can end up being understood, however , if everyone speaks a unique language, chances are they can be understood. CDMA systems have no stations, but instead encode every call as a coded sequence across the complete frequency variety. Each dialogue is regulated, in the digital domain, using a unique code (called a pseudo-noise code) that makes it distinguishable from the additional calls in the frequency spectrum. Using a correlation calculation as well as the code the phone call was encoded with, the digital music signal may be extracted through the other signs being transmission by other phones within the network. From the perspective of just one call, upon extracting the signal, the rest appears to be low-level noise. So long as there is satisfactory separation between codes (said to be...

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