CRJ 201 study guide

* Copie pg204. Which is the following is the most frequent directed. Handed down with a judge? Devoir * 204. Which kind of court guidance in the comm. Are released from penitentiary? Parole 5. 210. Empty refers to person on copie to make new criminal offenses? Recidivism 2. 216. 2004 pres bush proposed a 4yr 300mill…. Reentering release to grow job schooling and solutions. (did certainly not pass) 2. 221. Sentencing offenders to confinement for a short period simply by confinement is called: split-sentencing. 2. Some copie apts value to keep in hand probation is usually: global positioning system: gps 2. 218. A lot of confinement will most likely go hands on hand with: electronic style * 216. Placing person offender in to more and more varieties of social control is called: net logging 2. 228. An agenda intervention built to change a offenders beh is called: therapy. * 233. Victim awareness progs. Claim that offender need to understand the patients attitudes activities and that the offenders must appreciate a victims awareness 5. 241. Real estate mobility prog provides transport so they can enroll in local church in suburbs, receiver medical therapy, go to job. * 241. Work relieve prgs allows prisoners in the short term work in: the private sector. * Analysis of regular progs for offenders can result in reduction of crime becoming reduced: induction. 238. 2. 230. Analysis shows that rehabilitation treatment works best in some sort of: reasoning schooling. * 234. Personal supervision is concerned with such things as: an individuals self graphic on minimizing stress. 5. 233. Getting victims of drunk driving in person with the real drunk pushes is ex lover of patient in courtesy panels. 2. Ch12. Home hold criminal offenses control. 265. Which in the following is known as a family structured treatment prog after issue delinquent arises: multi sysmatice * 246. Which in the following is a type of individual crime control? Risk elimination. * 261. Which from the...


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