Ca'liyah Chaney

Ms. Glassford


3rd period

If u didn't include these important things in your life don't you think of what your existence would be just like without them? My children, technology, and money have a big impact on warring. I use these kinds of thing's to aid me anytime both physical and emotionally. So did u contemplate it yet? I take advantage of these things day-to-day in life and after this I'm going to inform u how.

My family is often there for me personally in life. They help me once im miserable or straight down or looking for help. My family might not be perfect but We still love them no matter what. There the best people I got, even if I actually don't acquired their backside I zero they will have mine. There's a lot of them nevertheless the good thing is that they will always be presently there when I need them.

Technology has done a big impact in my life that keeps me personally from staying bored and lonely. Technology has not always been around, yet I just how lucky am I to around in the next. When I employ technology it can hard to leave it exclusively. It also allows me reunite with people We have lost exposure to. Technology have not only did a huge impact on my life they have did a huge impact on yours too.

Cash is the third best thing in every area of your life. It helps myself get items in and life and go places in life. I don't need money to create me content it just satisfies me anytime. Money makes me look more attractive and others too. Money isn't very the best, when you don't received money who also are you. That only makes people assess you but who cares only god can judge you.

My name is Caliyah Chaney which is my autobiography. It had been basically with what I think is important in my life and just how it has made an impact into it. As I composed this autobiography it made me realize awesome my life is and how it could be without these three important things. I should be more grateful about warring because it would not be nothing without these 3 important things. So have you thought about what your life will be without them?


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