Cinderella Man Essay

At the time you think of the Roaring Twenties, Jazz music artists, The Harlem Renaissance, and flappers most come to mind. All of them remind you of great delight and joy. Light-weight contender James T. Braddock was an average family members man living a great, effective life in america during the year of 1928. If the Great Depression strike due to the stock market crash, James' life did start to go all downhill and it absolutely was becoming more difficult for him to provide for his family. After losing an unsuccessful boxing fight to Abe Feldman, Braddock earned no money and he acquired fired via his boxing career. He also suffered with a broken hand. On the day of June 13th, 1935, Braddock acquired an opportunity to combat heavyweight champion Max Baer for $250. 00. Unlike Baer, Braddock was fighting for his family and designed for fame. Since Braddock was struggling with his personal and financial life like many others during this time, people found it easy to correspond with him. The very fact that Braddock was battling and that he was fighting for his relatives was what made him become a hero to the common guy.

During the 1930s, many people in the U. S. were having a quite hard time having to pay their expenses, keeping their jobs, and getting enough money for meals. Many shed their homes, causing these to sell exactly what they had in order to get some extra money. Many persons during the Great Depression used the radio as a way to get away the struggles that they had been going through at this point. Listening to boxing fights was very common and it helped people forget their struggles for a while. In order to was moment for Braddock to step into the ring and fight Baer, Braddock acquired the people of recent Jersey on his side. Through the scene when James manufactured his method to Madison Square Back garden, people for the sidewalks waved to him and cheered him on. It was proper Braddock noticed that not just his family was counting on him, but the persons of New Hat were relying on his too. He began to comprehend that...


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