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Doctor Pleads No Tournament In Teen's Death

In Ohio a malnourished fourteen-year girl passed away after only weighing in at twenty- pounds and her doctor is asking no competition for her loss of life. The little girl's name was Makalya's who had cerebral palsy and was suffering maltreatment by her mother hands. Margaret Edward cullen, who was the little girl's doctor, is pleading no contest to three misdemeanors counts of failing to report kid abuse and neglect in someone is usually functionally impaired. Makalya's wasn't able to fight back against her mother, but her doctor would have and Makalya's could be alive right now. The main one fact that is really disturbing and that stands out in is this article is that not merely is Makalya's doctor and mother happen to be being prosecuted, but so are three various other nurses whom worked with Makalya.

Makayla has suffered via frequent bedsores and was severely under nourished and had as well suffered from different signs of forget. Ken Betz, who is any office director with the Montgomery 4 corners Office, explained that Makayla was among the worst under nourished child that the whole office has at any time seen. Her mother Angela Norman offers pleaded guilt ridden to unconscious manslaughter and also other charges and was sentenced to seven years in prison. In my opinion she should have gotten a lot more than nine years. Those nines years will not ever equal out to what she did to Makayla.

After looking over this article what really supported my anger was the fact that Margaret recognized what was happening to Makayla and your woman didn't report it at all. Makayla perished on 03 1, 2011 and Edwards was her doctor as July 2010. There were 3 other nursing staff who can also be being charged for Makayla loss of life. The three nursing staff was actually accountable for Makayla obtaining care at your home and would not report to specialists about how the home was a disgusting place to live and that Angela didn't provide sufficient attention or meals for the tiny girl. Sparring floor Heck Jr., who is the prosecutor, explained that Edward, who is a medical...


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