Case Study: Two Big Banks¡¯ Broken Backside Office

Trouble Definition:

Since Megan, after the merger of two banks, Vice Leader of Global Capital Markets plus the manager of Operations department come from an additional bank; Vice Chairman of Client Management-Max, Sam and i also come from my prior bank. Sam utilized to be the manager of Operations office in my financial institution, but now he can only the manager of New You are able to office and under the leadership of the administrator of Procedure department from another financial institution now. I¡¯m denied of support by my boss-Vice Chairman. This individual selects his company¡¯s back again office program as the new system after the merger of two banks. I think the most difficult is actually between me personally and my boss-Vice Leader of Global Marketplaces. Recently, I¡¯m facing increasingly more customers complaining about our system, my salespeople will be discouraged and there is no growth of my profitability. The main reason is the fact there are some difficulties with new bank¡¯s back office¡¯s system, it cannot satisfy with customers¡¯ needs; workers from my personal bank are not familiar with this new program. My supervisor thought that his bank¡¯s system which is global and less-automated is much better than my bank¡¯s system, nevertheless , he ignores that his bank¡¯s program may be also superior to be well run in my traditional bank now. It needs some durations for my own bank to get used to it. This individual doesn¡¯t need to change the device and he thinks that his system is good. So he considers that all the issues are because of my office and Sam¡¯s team. He thinks which the employees coming from my financial institution should get utilized to this new program rather than staying discouraged by the system. I assume I continue to can be the manager of FX department following the merger, as the Vice Chairman is impressed with my own performance, so he will not fire myself now, but since I continue to cannot fix the problem, he will definately fire all the employees who also come from my own prior financial institution and make use of the employees of his financial institution who are familiar with his back again office program. What¡¯s more, if the buyers still protest and the success cannot grow in the future and even deteriorates, I am unable to fix the problem but still ask his help, he has to fire me to be able to ask me to consider all the required new bank¡¯s problems, as they has to explain to the CEO. The second is actually between me personally and Sam. I can understand Sam¡¯s sense now. Mike is the individual that works hard and vigilantly but challenging to fit into a brand new working scenario and he resists to alter the new system. His attitude will largely influence the morale of his group. One thing is that Sam¡¯s position is lower than he used to be and he doesn¡¯t like this new system. One more thing is because my personal bank¡¯s system is all computerized and regional; the new program needs more people to be engaged in this, so Sam and his team haven¡¯t gotten accustomed to this new system yet, they become more and more despondent every day. This individual and I used to work together well, he was a 20-year expert of my bank and contributed a lot to my bank¡¯s back business office system, I can image that he genuinely doesn¡¯t need to use a new system. Mike as a veteran with again office system, it¡¯s typical that he can reluctant to modify his program and he is also challenging to get along with his new boss-manager of businesses department; he's worried about his place. I may not become fired due to my skills and my performance, yet it¡¯s probably that his boss will certainly fire him; operations department almost originate from another lender except his team originating from my preceding bank. If he even now can not be capable of use this fresh system, his boss will certainly consider change his place. He talks to me because he wants myself to help him, if my own team can function well while using new system, which can help Sam keep his job. He can also anxious that I need to keep my personal job in order that I may lay down the blame about him, I may tell my boss that Sam is not capable to use this new system, which makes my personal salespeople couldn¡¯t work with customers¡¯ needs. For me personally, I don¡¯t want Mike to be terminated because of our...


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