Cain wonderful Descendants

Two Lines and Two Realms

The Holy book tells us that Cain and Abel weren't the only descendants of Adam and Event. Genesis a few: 4 says that later Adam begot more kids and daughters. But Cain and Abel stand out from the other rejeton because they represent both manners of life.

Cain Being Sent Far from God's Existence

Following Cain killed Abel, The almighty came to him and asked, " Where is Abel your sibling? " Cain responded, " I do certainly not know. Am I my brother's keeper? " (Gen. some: 9). Cain, who had attempted to do anything according to his understanding of God's commandment, became thus cruel and so evil. Then simply God said, " What have you done? The voice of your brother's bloodstream is crying out to Me from the beginning. And now you are doomed from the ground, which includes opened it is mouth to receive your brother's blood from the hand" (Gen. 4: 10-11). Even the the planet itself experienced sympathy intended for Abel. Goodness judged Cain by strengthening the problem on the ground and driving Cain away from When he talks to you.

Cain's Wandering inside the Land of Nod

After Our god put a mark in Cain and sent him away, Cain began his life of wandering. " And Cain went out from the existence of Jehovah and dwelt in the property of Jerk, east of Eden" (Gen. 4: 16). The brand " Nod" means " wandering. "

The training on the Line of Knowledge is Fast and Effective

The queue of Cain continued with his descendants. Cain begot Enoch, whose identity means " learning. " Learning the spiritual things on the line of life is very difficult, while learning the non-spiritual things on the line of knowledge is much easier.

Cain's range is very productive, and every thing on Cain's line goes quickly. We see this in addition to the name of Enoch's son, Irad. The term " Irad" means " rapid" or " quickly. "

Mehujael: " God can be Combating"

The next person on this line is Irad's son Mehujael. Mehujael's brand means " God is definitely combating. " The term " Mehujael" indicates that God was struggling with the human beings with this line. Goodness...


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