a)Georg Simmel describes the " blasé attitude” as the constant activation and loss of stability that can result in a condition in which you are no longer competent of responding to the shock of new stimuli. This leads to the introduction of a cool and distant way of merely seeing without expressing emotion. Using a blasé attitude makes up for the mind's feeling of being confused, and enables the do it yourself to begin to make a new urbanized identity. You begin to experience the same task and anything seems to have a pattern. b)Stella shows various traits of getting this blasé attitude. One of the most recognizable trait is the fact that she has produced this " urbanized identity” within their self that is the complete opposite of what women in 1950's Athens were supposed to be like. The following is an attractive young lady living in a metro town such as Athens where the girl with surrounded by big city living every day. After a while, her surroundings became boring, and she coped with this by creating a different area of himself to go against the grain of culture so that absolutely nothing she would was uninteresting or predictable anymore. Stepping outside of her box allowed Stella to include excitement and flair with her life. It's almost like to say the lady was in her own universe so to speak. The girl didn't value anything inside the real world that she lived in. She mistreats the people in her existence because the lady neglects peoples' feelings and is also only concerned about herself. There's always something exciting about doing the items you know you supposed to do. It can like if a parent tells their kid that they cannot have any kind of ice cream because they haven�t eaten evening meal yet. The kid will simply want ice cream a lot more and though he understands well enough that he should have it, he goes against what his parents said and grabs it in the freezer and has a pan. The same is visible with Stella artois lager. She comes from a society that is looking to tell her to get and work a certain approach, and your woman knowingly and...


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