1 . Launch

Welcome to GCSE Biology. This year we will be studying OCR 21st Century science. This is a modular course of 7 models and an item of coursework.

2 . Your Lecturers

In the package below write the name of your lecturer, the times of your lessons and which rooms they are in. You must also write the lecturers staff room as well as how to contact all of them (their workplace phone number and college email addresses). Lecturer

Times & Rooms

Contact details

3. Composition of the course

There will be 7 modules. These are generally as follows.

B1 – Both you and your genes

B2 – Keeping healthful

B3 – Life that is known

B4 – The Processes of Life

B5 – Growth and development

B6 – Brain and mind

B7 – Further biology

Component B7 is going to expand upon much of the additional biology you may have studied this season. These models will be evaluated by three or more exams and 1 bit of coursework. These are as follows.

No| Module code| Module Title| % of GCSE| Exam| Time| 1| A161/2| Modules B1, B2 & B3| 25%| Wed 9th Jan 2013 am| 1 Hour exam| 2| A162/2| Modules B4, B5 & B6| 25%| Get married 5th June 2013 pm| 1 Hour exam| 3| A163/2| Ideas in context & B7| 25%| Tue 18th June 2013 am| 1 Hour exam| 4| | GCSE coursework| 25%| Throughout the year|

some. Practicals

Biology is a technology and so has a practical element. There will be a number of practical trials carried out during the year.

You will be informed in advance of any kind of practical operate coming up. Should you not bring your lab cover in, you may not normally be allowed to take part in the practical work that day.

In addition to needing a lab coat there are also many laboratory rules that you must follow. These will be printed in this article with a backup also imprinted in you practical booklets.

The lab rules are as follows.

1 . Lab coats should be worn all the time

2 . Defensive glasses and gloves should be worn when provided a few. No foodstuff or beverage to be generated within the laboratories

4. Zero running in the laboratories

five. All clothes and carriers must be create of the way

6. Lengthy hair should be tied back again

7. Almost all breakages must be reported into a teacher

eight. All spillages must be reported and properly cleaned up 9. Follow all guidance precisely

5. Commitment

You must become committed to examine in order to move your GCSE Biology. Your time studying biology will be split in 3 ways.

1 . Classroom/lab time – This involves 3 hours per week plus a few extras especially revision near to test time. This is actually the main period when you will be given details or develop new skills 2 . Homework – You will be given homework to complete each week. This will likely further develop skills and knowledge obtained in class 3. Personal Study – This could form a big part of the study to get the year. You need to read surrounding the subjects you are learning. You need to ensure that you understand the materials that we have protected each lessons and you should browse a bit within the subjects we are going to cover next lessons. At the back of this kind of pack is known as a list of what is going to be covered each lesson. You should read this, read about this issue and arrive prepared.

You need to come to each lesson in time. If you are between 1 and 10 minutes past due you will be provided a later slip to fill in. If you collect a lot of late slides you will be asked to keep the course. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will not be allowed into school. This will imply that you miss important information of course, if this occurs too often you will additionally be asked to leave the training course.

6. Home work

You will be provided homework weekly. This might be a number of different issues, for instance.

Test questionsPractical publish ups

Revision for testsResearch


Homework is certainly not optional. This can be a requirement. For every piece of home work you will be presented a fair timeframe to full it plus the homework has to be completed by deadline, and is a requirement for you to go to the lessons....


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