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Cialdini, Robert Claxton, Guy Gilovich & Belsky Gilovich, Jones Haugen, Robert Klarman, Seth Nofsiger, Ruben Plous, Scott Pring, Martin Russo, J. Shefrin, Hersh Smith, Hersker Tobias & McKay Whitman, Martin Pat, Tim Wright, Robert Effect: The Mindset of Marketing Hare Mind, Tortoise Brain Why Wise People Produce Big Money Blunders How We Know What Isn't So The Inefficient Stock exchange Margin of Safety: Risk-Averse Investing Strategies for the Innovative Investor Investment Madness The Psychology and Judgment of Decision Making Investment Psychology Discussed: Classic Strategies to Beat the Market Decision Barriers: 10 Obstacles to Brilliant Decision Making Beyond Greed and Fear The amount of money Game Amazing Popular Delusions and the Chaos of Throngs The Intense Conservative Trader Stranger To Ourselves: The Adaptive Subconscious The Moral Animal: So why We Are how We Are


Baumohl, Dernier-ne Friedman, Milton Friedman, Jones Graham, Benjamin Hazlitt, Holly O'Rourke, PJ Schumpeter, Frederick Williams, John Burr The Secrets of Economic Symptoms: Hidden Clues to Future Economic Developments and Expense Opportunities Capitalism and Flexibility The Tuning and the Olive Tree The Interpretation of Financial Statements Economics in One Lesson Eat the Rich Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy The Theory of Purchase Value


Baruch, Bernard Bernstein, Philip Biggs, Barton Bogle, Ruben Brooks, Ruben Bruner, Robert Burton, Katherine Byrne, Ruben Chancellor, Edward cullen Cunningham, Lawrence Ellis & Vertin Garber, Peter Giesst, Charles Gordon, John T. Homer, Sidney Lefevre, Edwin Lowe, Jeremy Lowenstein, Roger Mehrling, Perry Middleton, Timothy Schwager, Plug Schwager, Plug Schwed, Wendy Soros, George Steinhardt, Michael Strachman, Daniel Train, David Train, John Baruch: My Story Up against the Gods: The Remarkable Account of Risk Hedgehogging John Bogle On Investing: The First 40...


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