Are criminals given birth to or produced?

An understanding of criminal conduct has been experimented with by psychologists through various theories. Three theories Let me discuss happen to be: the biological theory, the psychological theory and the cultural theory of crime. Every single theory offers a thorough reason of why people carry out criminal actions, however , which will theory offers the better explanation? Are criminals born or made?

The biological theory of criminal offense suggests that it is extremely likely that biological factors play a significant role in criminality because criminal behavior tends to work in families. Adoption studies provide specialists with the data required to make certain that they discover if criminal conduct patterns are definitely the result of the child's family genes or all their surrounding environment. For example , when a child's actions resembles that of their adoptive parents then this could suggest that criminality is actually a product of the environment. Mednick et 's. (1987) analyzed the criminal convictions of over 14, 000 people who had been followed and found better evidence to suggest that biology had even more influence more than their conduct. To further support this theory, Bohman (1996) replicated Mednick at al's study simply by comparing the odds of sons with a biological parent using a criminal record to boys with an adoptive parent having a criminal record. Bohman also found that genetic factors were better compared to environmental influences.

The psychological theory of crime suggests that bad expectations cause certain individuals to behave towards others in a criminal approach because their particular stereotypes alter their cultural interactions (self-fulfilling prophecy). This theory was supported by Jahoda's (1954) examine of brands. Jahoda studied Ashanti folks who give kids ‘soul names' when they are given birth to which allegedly alters their very own characters. For example , boys delivered on a Wed are called ‘Kwaku' and are expected to behave in an aggressive,...


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