1 . Might you purchase custom made tailored apparel on the Web? So why or Obtain?

No, I won't purchase custom made tailored attire on the web since it is not the way i go shopping for cloth. If I buy the custom made tailored apparel on the website, and it turn out any of the explanation I abhor it, however have to send it back, and that takes wide range of time and money. In case study, right now there have electronic or autos that obtain customize, and I think these are not the same thing compare to the cloth mainly because these things will be focus on the feature, and you have to experience how cozy when you put on the material on.

2 . Does Lands� End personalized tailoring plan provide Lands� End with a competitive benefits? Is any kind of advantage made significant?

Yes, the custom tailoring program did offer with a competitive advantage that " forty percent of Lands' End customers buying chinos and skinny jeans from the firm's web site had been buying personalized products. Over 20% of such customers hardly ever made a purchase in the web before. ” This means more and more people are more inclined to look for the custom tailoring program just lately. It did have competitive advantage mainly because it's innovate the program early that the support other companies don't have. The advantage is the price, and the scale the material is more appropriate. The quotation shows the proof ”While high-priced at $69 each, they can fit better and were far less expensive than he would pay at the sophisticated big and tall in a number of store where he normally searched in Harrisburg. ”

3. Assume that, based on undisclosed internal info, that Lands� End customized tailoring system is believed by management to have developed competitive benefit is this edge sustainable with regards to the threat of imitation?

I do believe when the customized tailoring software start to grow in the market, you will see more opponents that seem similar. I believe the best way to retain competitive is always to have, ”proprietary products, a solid distribution infrastructure, and a recognised brand. ” By...


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