Application of Theory Paper

Suggestions & Credit scoring Rubric


The purpose of this kind of assignment should be to synthesize a method for the usage of a specific nursing jobs theory to resolving problems or concern of nursing practice in nursing management, nursing education, nursing informatics, or well being policy.

Study course Outcomes

Through this project, a student is going to demonstrate to be able to:

(CO#1) Analyze hypotheses from breastfeeding and relevant fields regarding their elements, relationships among the components, reasoning of the offrande, comprehensiveness, and utility to advanced breastfeeding. (PO1) (CO#3) Communicate the analysis of and proposed strategies for the use of a theory in nursing practice. (PO3, several, 10) (CO#4) Demonstrate logical and creative thinking in the analysis and application of a theory to breastfeeding practice. (PO4, 7)

Deadline: Sunday 10: 59 EVENING MT at the conclusion of Week 6

Total Points Feasible: 325


Description in the Assignment:


1 ) Introduction to the paper includes a few standard statements around the idea of breastfeeding theory being applied to fix problems/issues in nursing practice, regardless of the specialized area of practice. For example , so why would one pick a nursing jobs theory to fix a practice problem? Might a grand, middle-range, or practice theory become best? Will the writer have any knowledge in employing nursing theory this way? Additionally , a brief one-paragraph summary of a specific nursing theory and information on the sections of the paper are provided. The selected breastfeeding theory can be quite a grand theory, a middle-range theory, or a practice theory. 2 . Information of the problem/issue for which approaches will be designed. The problem to become resolved must be in medical leadership, medical education, nursing jobs informatics, or health policy. Scholarly facts (in the form of a literature review) supporting the issue is included. The problem/issue could be community to your specific practice setting. For example , the setting might be a nursing product, a nursing-education program, an informatics department, or a health-policy unit of any consulting company. The problem/issue needs to be a thing that a breastfeeding theory may impact, whether it solves the actual problem/issue or permits people affected by the problem/issue to deal with this. It is best in the event the problem/issue is from real life – anything the writer of the daily news has handled or happens to be engaged in. Some examples (these happen to be fictitious examples)

a. A nursing unit has skilled rapid proceeds of specialist staff, which includes several nurse managers. A fresh nurse administrator from outside the nursing jobs unit can be appointed. w. Informatics health professional specialists encounter a lot of resistance from all health-related professionals to implementation of your computer-based buy entry system. The execution date will never be changed. c. A nurse educator is usually assigned to take over a huge class of undergraduate medical students, using a mix of adults and adults returning for the second level. The subject is usually difficult, learners have not recently been doing well, and frustration and tempers will be impeding group work. m. A health-policy nurse professional works for the consulting organization that lobbies on behalf of various healthcare professions. Within the specialist's work product, there is very much debate within the pros and cons of numerous policies getting proposed pertaining to attention in the coming yr. 3. Applying concepts and principles through the selected theory, one strategy pertaining to resolving the identified issue is defined in depth. Information on how the theory would be applied are included (consider: who have, what, once, where, and how). Rationales for the strategy as well as evidence coming from scholarly materials are included. One moral and/or legal aspect of the strategy is discussed. Predicted outcome(s) by implementing the strategy will be proposed. some. Concluding transactions include fresh knowledge about applying nursing theory gained simply by writing the paper Formatting and Unique Instructions...


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