Alton Systems – History

Alton Podiums was built-in an area referred to as Bunbury Hill, at first it absolutely was an Flat iron Age fortification, until about 700AD mainly because it became a fortress pertaining to the Saxon King Ceolred of Mercia. Charles Talbot was the one who decided to build Alton Systems; he did this with the help of hundreds of artists, mechanics and labourers.

This land had many homeowners until the 1100's. In 1924 the remaining part of the estate and house was sold to a team of local business men, and they shaped Alton Towers Limited. In 1973, David Broome bought out the managing stake in Alton Towers. Over 36 months he made many changes in the amusement park like setting up new voyages and expanding areas pertaining to the visitors.

In 80 Alton Towers came to fame when with all the installation of The Corkscrew rollercoaster, Pirate Ship and the Alpine Bob sled ride. More attractions, areas and tours were added to Alton Podiums. In 1990 Alton Systems was bought by Tussauds Group from John Broome. Tussauds Group made substantial investment and installed many thrilling tours in the area.

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