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An Important Time for Social Well being

I can consider so many different moments in a wide variety of eras in which social wellbeing has been a huge part of just how America functions and how America has grown into such an astonishing place to live, build a life and have a household. Of course with any developing country there is good times but not so good moments but America continues to grow and Americans always learn about essential social well being can be. Sociable welfare moves as far back as the 1600's when the first Colonial Poor Legislation was enacted, stating the public's responsibility was to " relief in the poor, to maintain the impotent, and to utilize the in a position and shall appoint an overseer for the same purpose” (http://ctl.cedarville.edu/swk/socialpol/content/timeline.pdf). As we go forward in history there were so many different date ranges that were very important to the growth from the nation such as The New Handle the 1930's which was an application that dedicated to the restoration from the Great Depression or the Social Security Action of 1935 that provides a method of Federal government benefits if you are disabled, elderly or a number of other reasons. Nevertheless , in my individual opinion I believe the time of Federal government social providers seemed to be one of the most important eras in growing social wellbeing.

In 1960 President Kennedy was elected in office great although his term had not been the beginning of interpersonal welfare he did have a great deal of successes for cultural welfare which i feel were important. In 1962 the Kennedy Government increased federal government funding to local welfare departments. By doing this they helped welfare departments afford things such as; job training and location, different types of casework, and allowed states to add two-parent or unemployed family members in their Aid to Families with Dependent Children applications. Kennedy played out a pretty big part in starting what was referred to as " The brand new Frontier”, nevertheless his term was cut short...


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