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Week 10 Research Project

3 DIMENSIONAL Printing Today and Another day

I chose to accomplish my study paper about 3D producing, were we are today and what the foreseeable future looks like. When researching this kind of project I actually learned that 3D printing has been around since the 80's, and that it is also known as ingredient manufacturing. I chose this matter for a few reasons; first off this really is a topic which includes interested me fo a little while now and i also enjoy learning more about this. I believe this kind of technology will probably have a huge impact on our foreseeable future, like the computer, and the net it will replace the way all of us do things. I like that their impact is not restricted to one area. I actually highlight within my project eight different areas that 3D producing is already being applied and is reshaping those industries.

One of those industries is architecture, development, and anatomist. Architects are employing 3D printing to save time when piecing together their scale models. In the future there will be no limitations for their designs; the reason behind this being that construction businesses are now tinkering with 3D printing to build elements of buildings. They have started to produce using cement and have been capable to print up some untamed angles and designs. These were hard to pull off before because it was hard to make the form to pour the concrete. In the future architects and project managers will be able to come together and print out sections of a building in one location, then move and assemble upon sight. Much like architects, technical engineers are using THREE DIMENSIONAL printing to print up scale models of their models. With the advances in this technology they are able to printing these items with moving and working parts.

Another of these industrial sectors is the auto and jetstream industry. In the automotive industry, designers will be able to print up types. Auto makers have also been capable of print parts, and have effectively printed an entire working car. In the future 3D printers could be more...


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